5 Reasons for Sudden Hair Loss | Causes, Diagnosis, and Medications

Sudden Hair loss

Hair loss can indeed be very stressful and can play chaos with a state of someone’s mind. Here is a possible cause of your thinning hairline.
See thick hairballs every time you comb, wash or hairstyles you can be sad. Every time this happens, one can think of the worst possible scenario and some of us may be convinced about hidden diseases that cause this sudden hair to fall. Hair loss can indeed be very stressful and play chaos with the state of someone’s mind.

So those who lose sleep over hair loss, stop thinking too much or panic and scroll down to see if one of these causes is behind your hair loss. After you know what causes LSS hair, you can prevent irreversible damage to your hair.

1. You don’t eat correctly

If you try to lose weight with diet damage that seizes certain nutrients, chances are you might lose your hair too.

2. Infection on the Scalp

When bacteria, yeast, or excessive mushrooms and attack hair follicles, infection occurs. You might see a collision of pus, redness, and scaling.

3. Overdoing with hair care

We all like to arrange our hair, but going to the sea with it can cause hair loss. “Yes, you might be excessive by using chemicals, products, and other hair care treatments.

4. Hormone imbalance.

Many things like PCOS, menopause, diabetes, obesity and even heart problems can cause hair to be spilled.

5. Certain drugs

Drugs such as blood thinners, antidepressants, cholesterol-lowering drugs, etc. also contribute to hair loss.

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