Amazon to launch computer science education program in India soon

Amazon computer science program

The program is expected to launch in India in 2021.
Amazon has a big plan for India in 2021. The company plans to launch its computer science education program, future engineers, in India soon.

For those of you who don’t know, Amazon has launched its future engineer program in the US last year. Since its launch, the company has served more than 550,000 students. “Amazon cover engineer more than double the range, add more than 3,000 schools to its program, and serve more than 5,000 schools and 550,000 students in need with computer science courses in the US,” Amazon wrote in a press release.

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Now, posting the work that was first seen by the TechCrunch instructions against the company planned to extend the program to India in 2021. Amazon India in the job description for the Amazon Cover Engineer said that it was a “childhood-to-career program” was intended to enable communities that are not served and less able to have access to high-quality computer science education. ” “We are looking for leaders to support the launch and manage the Amazon engineer program in the future in India,” said the company.

Amazon India also said that the initial research for “Amazon Cover Engineer in India is currently underway.”

In particular, Amazon has made a big step in India in recent years. Amazon India has invested more than $ 6.5 billion in India. The company has also promised to create as many as one million jobs in India in 2025. Separately, Amazon launched the Jee Ready application in India last year to help students prepare for the jee exam. The application has since been renamed Amazon Academy.

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