Apple rolls out iOS 13.7 update that brings in the Covid-19 express notifications

Google Apple’s iOS 14 rollout

iOS 13.7 update brings in the Covid-19 upgrade, besides some other features like new Memoji stickers, bug fixes etc.
Apple iOS 14 rollouts are just around the corner but Apple has decided to squeeze in one more update (for now) – IOS 13.7. This update brings in Covid-19 increase, in addition to several other features such as stickers Memoji new, bug fixes, etc. If you choose to opt into Covid-19 Exposure Notification, your phone can take notes when you come in contact with other people and tell you if anyone you have come in contact with a positive test.

The Covid-19 Exposure Notification is a major addition in the new update. And to understand what it does one has to go back a little. When Apple and Google created the Application Programming Interface (API) for Covid-19 exposure tracing, users need to download the appropriate application of health authorities in their country. API was rolled out with IOS 13.5.

For so long, the user requires an application to ensure the benefits of the notification. The new update puts Exposure Notice Express capabilities into iOS itself. “It will provide a simpler deployment notification regional exposure to the Public Health Authority, without the need to develop or maintain custom applications,” as Forbes explains.

How did this work?

With IOS 13.7, if you opt into notifications, the iPhone can determine when you are less than six feet from other people with your phone swapping encrypted token. The system then sends a Bluetooth beacon and listen to them but no longer need an application for this. If anyone you come in contact with a positive test and then, you will be notified.

In case you do not have an official public health authority app installed, the system will prompt you to download it and advise on the next steps that must be taken. You can use the app to report if you are diagnosed yourself and with your consent, your beacons will be added to the positive diagnosis list. Your identity will not be shared with anyone.

Apple’s iOS 14 rollout

Importantly, these notifications are entirely based on whether you opt-in for them or not, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. Both your location and identity not shared.

Besides this, the iOS 13.7 brings in new Memoji stickers and iCloud Drive folder sharing from the Files app.

How to get the new update

– Go to your Settings.

– Click on ‘General’. Then click on ‘Software Update’.

– The new iOS 13.7 update should be visible to you. Download and install it.

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