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Getting married soon? Here’s how to stay stress-free this wedding season

stress-free this wedding season

There are some very real reasons why positive life events, like planning a wedding and getting married, can be stressful.

Engaged and planning a wedding is a time to celebrate love and commitment to one another. As interesting and meaningful, there are also high levels of stress involved. It can be difficult to understand, mainly because so few people are open about how difficult it can be. There is hope that today will be the happiest time in your life. And when it does, it can be confusing, disappointing, and even a little embarrassing.

Actually, there are some very real reasons why positive life events, such as wedding planning can be stressful. That said, it is really possible to find a way to enjoy the process a little more and focus on what is most important – your relationship and upcoming wedding.

Here are some tips to help you keep mental stress at bay during the wedding season:

Delegates stress away

If you are the only person planning each and everything for your wedding, then, go ahead and involve a trusted friend or a professional planner to be the coordinator (s). The last thing you want to do at your wedding is to worry about the little things were finally sorted out. Thus, make sure that you get a space to find peace and you have someone on your side to handle things that come on the day itself.

Communicate with your partner

One of the aspects that lead to added stress is a lack of communication, which can cause you to feel incomprehension and loneliness. To avoid it, there is nothing better than being transparent and talk about what you think and what bothers you with your partner. Do not be afraid to argue a little, especially if it will help you eliminate your doubts and feel better. Organize your agenda. Keep the plan from day one, and write down all your notes on it, from appointments with suppliers, the date and the conditions in which you close the contract, tests, appointments and pending that you have to finish. This will help you have everything under control.

Be understanding

It is not always easy to understand that the person handles stress differently, so do not assume that your partner does not care about the wedding because of the simple fact that he did not look nervous as you are, he might manage his nerves and stress differently.

Resolve differences

It is usual for the difference increased over the last preparations for the wedding, especially if one of them is emphasized. However, it is very important that they are trying to resolve all the differences that arise. If not, they will only feel more depressed and hopeless.

Sleep your hours

Being well-rested is essential to keep stress levels low, so make sure you sleep at least 8 consecutive hours during the months before the wedding.

Watching your diet

A healthy diet will help you feel and look better, so do not forget to include five different fruits and vegetables a day, avoid processed foods and excess salt. Try to make your dinner light, the salad would be the best not only to feel better but will also help you sleep better.


Nothing better to clear the mind from the routine of daily exercise. If you do not go to the gym, perhaps a stroll is the best alternative for you. You will see that give one hour a day to go out for a walk will change your mood, your vision of things and you will look much better on your wedding day.

Relaxing vacation

It is always advisable to take a few days to escape the routine and forget about everything, so try to spend the weekend before the wedding somewhere relaxing and special. If you do not have a chance, give yourself at least a visit to the spa and get yourself pampered with a massage, it will change your mood!

Do not be carried away by what others want

You’ll probably hear comments and opinions about what others want for your wedding, which can be very stressful. Remember that this wedding is about you and your tastes, so do something authentic that reflects your personality and your wedding will be an absolute success.

Wrap yourself in bliss

Even the best plans, the last-minute surprises may arise. If there is a slip, do not let it affect you: keep a sense of humor and continue. DJ is wrong when playing the first song? Start dancing in the same way and have a laugh with the cooperation of your brand new husband.

Whether it began to rain suddenly at your outdoor wedding? Don’t worry! If you stay relaxed and carefree, your guests will feel like it too.

Apart from unexpected setbacks that get in the way, incredible memories of marrying the love of your life, surrounded by friends and family, will be forgotten.

Your Stress hormone controls your body clock 24/7


Our internal clock is controlled by some of the descendants of very different genres, known as clock genes. These genes are highly active in what is called the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the brain.

Stress hormones, and not neurons, managing fixed circadian rhythms that control everything from the need to sleep to body temperature, researchers have found.

Our internal clock is controlled by some of the descendants of very different genes, known as clock genes. These genes are highly active in what is called the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the brain.

However, areas of the brain that are not directly related to the neurons, and this led researchers at the University of Copenhagen curious.

Using laboratory tests, the team demonstrated that circadian rhythms are controlled by the stress hormone, corticosterone.

“In humans, this hormone is known as cortisol, and although the rhythm of sleep in rats is the opposite of us, we basically have the same hormonal system,” says Associate Professor Martin Fredensborg Rath of the Department of Neuroscience.

In the study with the stress hormone corticosterone, the researchers removed the suprachiasmatic nucleus in a rat.

As expected, it is removed from the animal’s circadian rhythms.

However, small brain’s circadian rhythm is restored when mice were then implanted with a specially programmed micropump.

In this case, however, the researchers used a pump to emit a dose of corticosterone at different times of day and night, similar to the natural rhythms of animals.

“No one has used this pump for anything like this before. So technically, we were into something completely new, “said Rath.

With artificial corticosterone supplements, researchers again able to read the clock genes rhythmic activity in animals.

“This is interesting from a scientific standpoint because it means that we have two systems – the nervous system and the hormonal system – the perfect communication with and influence each other, all in the course of a fairly tight 24-hour program,” Rath outlined.

The researchers now plan to study the hormones more rhythmic in the same way, including hormones from the thyroid gland.

Is red meat good or bad for you? Food advice questioned anew

red meat

A team of international researchers recently rattled the nutrition world by saying there isn’t enough evidence to tell people to cut back on red or processed meat.
Likewise, red meat is good or bad for you? If the answer is just as simple as that.

An international team of researchers have recently rocked the world of nutrition, saying there was not enough evidence to tell people to cut back on red meat or processed, which seems contrary to the advice of health experts leading and groups including the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

However, researchers are not saying people should eat more meat, or that it is healthy. No new studies were conducted, and they reported no new understanding of the effects of meat on the body. Instead, the letters offer a new approach to provide advice on food and health – and a warning for how it is often done.

dispute laid bare problems with nutrition research long been recognized in the scientific world: Nutritional studies almost never conclusive, and whatever the supposed risks and benefits that exist for food is often simplified.

“People like stickers guidance,” said Dr. Walter Willett, professor of nutrition at Harvard who has led the study bind the meat to poor health.

Now health experts grappled with how strong scientific findings must be before the guidance was issued, how to overcome the bias that might skew the conclusions and whether we get the pleasure of eating should be considered.

supervision which is likely to spill into other dietary advice as obesity is a public health problem that is increasingly critical, and people are becoming increasingly frustrated with the message of flip-flopping.

Meat two ways

The paper analyzed previous studies on red and processed meat and generally corroborated the link to cancer, heart disease and other adverse health outcomes. But they said the possibility of any benefit from eating less than they appear small or negligible.

For every 1,000 people, for example, cutting back on red meat to three servings per week is associated with fewer deaths from seven cancers. For some other health measures, such as stroke, the difference was small or non-existent.

Moreover, the researchers say there is little certainty meat was the reason for the difference.

Uncertainty is common in nutritional research. Much of the research on diet and health is based on the link between public health researchers made and what they say they eat. But that does not prove one causes the other. If thin people love cereal and eat it almost every day, for example, it does not mean that the cereal is the reason they are thin.

Health experts who defended the advice to eat less meat researchers say that applying unreasonable standards – to evaluate the strength of the study meat intended for medical research method, in which a certain dosage of drug can be tested under controlled conditions.

With nutrients, they said it was impossible to conduct studies where diet and lifestyle are controlled and monitored over long periods of time. They said statistics signal that they see in nutritional studies are meaningful, and that people should be given guidance on the best available data.

People vs. Population

If it is true that there will be seven fewer cancer deaths for every 1,000 people are cutting back on red meat, then it is also true that 993 of those people will not see the benefits even if they eat fewer burgers.

For many public health experts, the potential for seven deaths less valuable make comprehensive recommendations to limit meat. In the whole population, the numbers can add up to a lot of lives saved.

But the question is where to draw the line, and at what point the potential benefits are too small and uncertain to ask people to change their behavior.

The authors also argue individual being asked to change their behavior should be considered. For those who regularly eat and enjoy meat, cut back on, it may seem drastic if all they get in return for a reduction in risk is small, if any at all.

“Recommendations should reflect the values and preferences of those who actually bear the consequences,” said Bradley Johnston, the lead author of the paper, which specializes in research methodology.

Tilting evidence

Given the uncertainty of the science of nutrition, another long-running concerns is the potential for the findings to be influenced by personal beliefs or financial incentives.

The newspapers are the latest is no exception, with critics and supporters of each point to factors that can affect the position of others.

Critics noted Johnston, the lead author, marred other dietary recommendations in the past. He previously led a study funded by the food industry are challenging guidelines to limit added sugars, which serve the interests of many food companies. paper initially said the independent author writing a plan for research. After the e-mail obtained by The Associated Press show the industry group sent “prompted the revision,” the paper said the group corrected and approved the plan.

Johnston and paper supporter countered, saying critics have long advised people to limit meat and may feel the need to defend their positions.

Back-and-forth highlights the difficulty of ruling out any researcher bias is likely to have, given the amount of money the industry in nutritional research and strong beliefs people often have about the food.

Meat is especially polarizing topic, considering the animal welfare and environmental consequences that come with it.

Which could further confuse people about who or what to believe, or they only focus on the research that backs up what they want to believe.

Lost in translation

Wherever researchers stood on top of the meat, there is agreement that the nuances of the science of nutrition often get lost in translation. The food is often labeled as good or bad, even when researchers tried to be nuanced.

Take the red meat. Suggestions for “limit” it often does not specify how much, which can cause people to think cutting back both regardless of the context. But in poor countries, red meat can help improve the diet. In rich countries, Willett said the benefits of cutting back will vary depending on what replaces it, and that pizza might not be an improvement.

However, Willett and others who criticized the paper last week said many Americans who eat red meat once a day or more can benefit from eating less.

There are no consistent recommendations for the amount that can be received. American Cancer Society experts say “several” servings per week or less. A study by Willett, who also discussed the environmental impact of the food, the recommended limit of one portion a week.

Public health experts want to give people advice that is easy to communicate. But many admit that doing a better job of conveying the nuances and uncertainties could help prevent the distrust and confusion.

So what should we eat?

Already, US dietary guidelines have been back-pedaling advice to limit total fat, which has been blamed for encouraging people to eat too much pasta and cookies.

In the years since, the guidelines have focused on saturated fats found in foods such as meat, butter, and some food packaging, said it should be restricted to 10% of calories.

For suggestions about changes to certain foods, health experts have been increasingly focused on the importance of the overall diet. Some notes focus on a single food, which often has a complex mix of nutrients, also can distract from the message is simple: Do not eat too much, because eating more calories than you burn makes you gain weight.

“If everyone would just pay attention to that one, we will solve a lot of problems,” says Marion Nestle, professor of nutrition and food policy at New York University.

(This story has been published on the wire feed institutions without modification of the text. Only the title has been changed.)

Six out of 10 European women suffer sexism at work, says survey

women suffer sexism

French research group found the 21% reported such attacks in the last 12 months and more than 40% of them are under the age of 30.
60% of women in Europe has suffered gender-based or sexual violence in the workplace, according to a study published in five countries on Saturday.

French Ifop research group found 21% reported such attacks in the last 12 months and more than 40% of them are under the age of 30.

More than 10% of the 5,000 respondents – 9% in France, 15% in Spain – said they had been “forced unwanted” sex from someone in their workplace. The study authors said that the figures “highlight the gray areas that might exist around consent” when it can be “squeezed in the context of subordination, intimidation or manipulation”.

In addition, 9% of women said they were at least once “suppressed” by a colleague to commit an “act of a sexual nature”, like sex in exchange for employment or promotion. While some 18% said they were touched inappropriately, such as a hand on the bottom, hug forced or unwanted kiss.

The study was conducted in France, Germany, Italy, England and Spain. He also said that sexual violence, which includes whistles, gestures, rude comments or leering, is the most common attacks, with 46% of women are affected, especially in Germany where the figure is 56%.

The authors of the report said “a very small minority of victims of abuse in the workplace managed to break the wall of silence” and speak.

Only 13% of women were touched inappropriately and 16% of them were pressured into a sexual relationship said they had to talk to someone, such as superior or trade unions, to solve internal problems.

Ifop survey conducted by online questionnaire in April this year for the Fondation Jean Jaures think tanks and the European Foundation for Progressive Studies (FEPS).

WhatsApp group features every user should know

WhatsApp group features

WhatsApp group comes with features such as group admin dismissal, group video calls and also privacy features to escape these groups.

WhatsApp group can be annoying but it’s one of the most popular features in instant messaging applications. WhatsApp feature is not limited to just one-on-one conversations, but also for a chat group. In recent months, WhatsApp has introduced new features to make chatting more interactive group.

These features are available to all users on Android and iOS. WhatsApp has made it easier to prevent people from adding you to the group while administrators are given more control. Here is a list of WhatsApp features of each group of users should know.

Group admin dismissal

WhatsApp group can have multiple administrators. Every admin also has the power to revoke other admin. It can be found under the settings menu to which the group admin can delete other members from their positions.

Group video calls

WhatsApp adds a shortcut for users to easily make group calls. This group call icon visible in the upper right corner of the chat. Once the user presses they can elect their members wanted to include in the call. WhatsApp allows up to four members to a group video call.

Group invitation

While a pleasant chat groups, they can be very irritating. WhatsApp group’s invitation features take care of this. Users can prevent others from adding them to groups WhatsApp. This can be done by changing the privacy settings for groups to ‘no’, ‘everyone’ or ‘contact me’. Users who choose nobody will be sent an invitation to join a group of WhatsApp.

More control for group admins

Admin group has control over revoking this status than others. WhatsApp admin group can choose to decide whether the message will be sent to all participants or just the admin group. They can also decide whether any or all of the admin group participants can change the group description.

Do You Know- Google Search Console Can Now Report on Same-Day Data

Google Search Console Update

Google Search Console update with the ability to restore data fresh in Search Performance report – as recently as less than one day old.

That means SEO and website owners will have access to same-day data in Search Console for the first time. A major upgrade over previous waiting time of several days.

Improved data freshness in search performance report is the number one feature request from users Search Console.

Here are some examples of what fresh data can mean for everyday life SEO:

See performance of the weekend’s website on Monday morning, rather than wait until Wednesday.
Check the statistics on the site first thing in the morning after, or even during, important days such as holidays, global events, and day-to-day shopping.
Check if your site traffic has rebounded after fixing technical problems.

It’s important to note that fresh data points will be replaced by final data point after a few days. So it is expected that fresh data may change slightly before being finalized.

One thing to note about the fresh data update is that it is not supported by the API’s Analytics, is also not available in the Discover report. Both of these limitations can be overcome in the future.

Other improvements for search performance reports

In addition to fresh data back, the report’s performance has been updated with the following new capabilities:

Clear communication of the data zone (which is the Pacific time zone).
Data export performance during the desired period of time, making it easier to identity trends and changes.

The update is rolling out now.

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Lack of sleep can be severely harmful for you

Lack of sleep

In the Journal of Lipid Research, researchers at Pennsylvania State University reported that only a few days of sleep deprivation can make people feel less full after eating and metabolism of fat in different foods.
healthy sleep habits can make a big difference in someone’s life, but the work week make us all a bit short on sleep, which can be very dangerous, says a study.

In the Journal of Lipid Research, researchers at Pennsylvania State University reported that only a few days of sleep deprivation can make people feel less full after eating and metabolism of fat in different foods.

Sleep disturbances are known to have harmful effects on metabolism for some time.

Orfeu Buxton, a professor at Penn State and one of the senior author of the new study, contributed to many studies have shown that long-term sleep restriction puts people at higher risk of obesity and diabetes.

However, Buxton said, most of the studies focused on the metabolism of glucose, which is important for diabetes, while relatively little has been rated the digestion of lipids from food.

Kelly Ness, now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Washington, ran the study when he was a graduate student in the laboratory of this Buxton. After participants spend a week getting much sleep at home, he said, 15 healthy men in their 20s checked into a sleep laboratory for the study of ten nights.

For five nights, the participants spend no more than five hours in bed each night.

To find out how to schedule uncomfortable affected metabolism, the researchers gave participants a standard high-fat dinner, a bowl of chili mac, after four nights of sleep restriction.

“It was very tasty – no subjects we had trouble finishing it – but very calorically dense,” said Ness. Most participants were less satisfied after eating the same foods rich while less sleep than when they eat well-rested.

Then the researchers compared blood samples from the study participants. They found that sleep restriction affects the postprandial lipid response, which leads to faster opening of the lipids from the blood after a meal.

This study is very controlled, which makes the model is not perfect for the real world, said Ness. It is focused on young people healthy, which is usually at a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and all participants were male.

The researchers also wondered whether giving more recovery time will change the magnitude of their recovery was observed.

Nevertheless, according to Buxton, the study provides valuable insight on how we handle the digestion of fats.

Do you know how happy couples resolve issues?

How happy couples resolve issues

While intimacy, recreation, household, health, communication, and money is the most serious for older couples, couples in both samples jealous rank, religion and family as the most serious.

While all couples tend to fight issues such as children, money, and in-laws, the researchers say that what distinguishes the happy couple from others is their approach to the conflict.

For the study, published in the journal Family Process, the researchers looked at two samples heterosexual, mostly white, educated couples who described themselves as happily married.

Fifty-seven of the couple are in their mid to late 30s and have been married for an average of nine years; 64 of the pair are in their 70s and had been married for an average of 42 years.

Couples were asked to rank their problems are the most and least serious.

While intimacy, recreation, household, health, communication, and money is the most serious for older couples, couples in both samples jealous rank, religion and family as the most serious.

When the researchers looked at couples discuss marital problems, all of the couples focused on problems with the more obvious solutions, such as the distribution of household labor and how to spend leisure time.

Couples rarely choose to argue about the issues that are more difficult to resolve, the researchers said, adding that this strategic decision may be one key to the success of their marriage.

“Focus on the eternal, the problem is more difficult-to-overcome-partners may undermine confidence in the relationship,” Rauer said.

The study also found that the first focus on problems more solvable may be an effective way to build a sense of security both partners in the relationship.

“If couples feel that they can work together to resolve their problems, it might give them the confidence to move on to tackle more difficult issues,” Rauer said.

The researchers also found that couples who marry again reported fewer serious problems and argue less overall.

“Being able to distinguish between issues that need to be resolved than those that can be ruled out at this time may be one of the keys to long-term relationships, happy,” added Rauer.

High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2019

Blog Commenting Sites List 2019

Link generation is the most popular and effective, fastest way to get high-quality backlinks for your website and the blog commenting method is one of the methods for creating these links. The blog commenting method not only helps get more backlinks or traffic but also creates interaction between website users (visitors) and website owners. In this post, I will share the secret source of link creation and 200+ List of High Dofollow Blog Comment Sites 2019.
With the help of blogger comments and readers communicate with each other, where readers directly express their opinions and ask questions about blog content. This is also the easiest and fastest way to get visitors to your website.
There are several types of blog commenting sites available in the internet world, but always choose high page ranks, don’t follow blog comment sites that make Do-follow backlinks.

Best Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Blogs For Commenting sites 2019







Elegant Themes Blog:



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Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog

Authority Hacker



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You can use the Blog Commenting Site List For 2019 list to start doing blog commenting. While leaving a comment, make sure you are doing relevant and meaningful comment.

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Best Ways Your Teeth Are Being Eroded By Acid


There are many ways your teeth can wear out. When your teeth are tired from acid, dentists call them ‘erosion’. When acid enters the mouth, it reacts with the calcium in tooth enamel, making the enamel softer and prone to erosion. This erosion can then turn into tooth decay. There are 3 ways of teeth become eroded:

Acid in Food –

Acid in food is a big cause of tooth erosion, especially when teeth are brushed directly after eating acidic foods. While some sour foods are easily recognized by the sour taste they have, others don’t. Carbonated drinks are a prime example of sour foods that are not easily known as sour foods. This not only refers to Coke and similar sugary soft drinks, but even ordinary seltzers are also acidic. Coffee is another example of an acidic drink that may not be clearly acidic.

Stomach acid –

The stomach is full of very strong acids which help digest food, but in the mouth, this acid can be harmful to teeth. Gastric acid reaches the mouth during episodes of heartburn or in cases of bulimia.

Acid Bacteria –

Mouth full of bacteria, some dangerous, some good. There are certain bacteria in your mouth that eat the leftover food that is left in your mouth. As a byproduct, bacteria produce acids. This problem is specific to carbohydrates. The more carbohydrates in food and the more difficult food are cleaned from the mouth, the more likely the bacteria will erode your teeth.

Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to prevent tooth erosion. You don’t need to stop drinking coffee or releasing all carbohydrates to stop cavities. There are ways to manage and fight tooth erosion.

Remineralization –

Remineralization against tooth erosion by adding a layer of minerals that make up teeth. Drinking fluoridated water, getting fluoride treatment, chewing sugar-free gum after eating and eating enough calcium can help in the remineralization process. Remineralization is a problem for people with dry mouth because the minerals that makeup teeth are carried and stored by saliva. This is why people with dry mouth tend to have more cavities because their teeth are not strengthened by remineralization.

Brush properly –

This does not only mean keeping your teeth clean from food debris. It also means not to brush too quickly after eating acidic foods or after heartburn. For better teeth cleaning, you might want to consider using an electric toothbrush.

Antibacterial Treatment –

You can also reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth (good and bad) by brushing with toothpaste and rinsing it with an antibacterial mouthwash. You can also add attractive oil to your routine because it has been proven to reduce acidity in the mouth and the number of bacteria that cause cavities.