Its Viral- Dog’s reaction to its human working from home is priceless

Dog reaction

“My dog isn’t used to me being home during the day,” wrote a Reddit user

Now many people are working from home, most pets pretty psyched that they could spend more time with their man. Some furry creatures even took it upon themselves to play the role of their new colleagues. This particular dog, however, had a very different reaction when he realized that the parent is home during the day today.

“My dog ​​is not used to me being at home during the day,” wrote a user of Reddit. Then add that quadrupeds so shocked that it continued to look at people from different places around the house.

They Redditor also shared a collage of dog staring at the man from a different room with the head slightly tilted. It looks bewildered in the face of this dog that adds to the excitement.

My dog isn’t used to me being home during the day and is just staring at me from different places around the house. from r/funny

Since being together, the picture has collected more than 1.3 lakh view – and still counting. And, the right comments show that people liked the post.

While some wrote that humans are taking their pets personal time, others shared what “experience” goes through the mind of a dog:

“Why are you taking personal time?” Reddit user asked. “He wants to invite a crew of his dog over but shame how boring you. Give the room a dog! ” Another joke.

“I had personal business to attend to and you’re cramping my style,” commented playfully third. “Do not you have a job are in ?? How could I get excited when you get back if you do not leave! ” The fourth comment. “They head slightly tilted you must love them,” wrote the fifth.

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Some pets also share how they react to this new work from home schedule. I usually work from home but my fiance is currently in quarantine with me because I was sick (not confirmed or anything just the symptoms of the flu). We have 3 cats here that are used to me but not for him. They slept in his office chair during the day and the office window and he was there yelling on a video game and they were not impressed, “with six. “The mine has been embraced every opportunity he gets,” said another.

Do you have a pet? How do you overcome it is always there?

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