Getting married soon? Here’s how to stay stress-free this wedding season

stress-free this wedding season

There are some very real reasons why positive life events, like planning a wedding and getting married, can be stressful.

Engaged and planning a wedding is a time to celebrate love and commitment to one another. As interesting and meaningful, there are also high levels of stress involved. It can be difficult to understand, mainly because so few people are open about how difficult it can be. There is hope that today will be the happiest time in your life. And when it does, it can be confusing, disappointing, and even a little embarrassing.

Actually, there are some very real reasons why positive life events, such as wedding planning can be stressful. That said, it is really possible to find a way to enjoy the process a little more and focus on what is most important – your relationship and upcoming wedding.

Here are some tips to help you keep mental stress at bay during the wedding season:

Delegates stress away

If you are the only person planning each and everything for your wedding, then, go ahead and involve a trusted friend or a professional planner to be the coordinator (s). The last thing you want to do at your wedding is to worry about the little things were finally sorted out. Thus, make sure that you get a space to find peace and you have someone on your side to handle things that come on the day itself.

Communicate with your partner

One of the aspects that lead to added stress is a lack of communication, which can cause you to feel incomprehension and loneliness. To avoid it, there is nothing better than being transparent and talk about what you think and what bothers you with your partner. Do not be afraid to argue a little, especially if it will help you eliminate your doubts and feel better. Organize your agenda. Keep the plan from day one, and write down all your notes on it, from appointments with suppliers, the date and the conditions in which you close the contract, tests, appointments and pending that you have to finish. This will help you have everything under control.

Be understanding

It is not always easy to understand that the person handles stress differently, so do not assume that your partner does not care about the wedding because of the simple fact that he did not look nervous as you are, he might manage his nerves and stress differently.

Resolve differences

It is usual for the difference increased over the last preparations for the wedding, especially if one of them is emphasized. However, it is very important that they are trying to resolve all the differences that arise. If not, they will only feel more depressed and hopeless.

Sleep your hours

Being well-rested is essential to keep stress levels low, so make sure you sleep at least 8 consecutive hours during the months before the wedding.

Watching your diet

A healthy diet will help you feel and look better, so do not forget to include five different fruits and vegetables a day, avoid processed foods and excess salt. Try to make your dinner light, the salad would be the best not only to feel better but will also help you sleep better.


Nothing better to clear the mind from the routine of daily exercise. If you do not go to the gym, perhaps a stroll is the best alternative for you. You will see that give one hour a day to go out for a walk will change your mood, your vision of things and you will look much better on your wedding day.

Relaxing vacation

It is always advisable to take a few days to escape the routine and forget about everything, so try to spend the weekend before the wedding somewhere relaxing and special. If you do not have a chance, give yourself at least a visit to the spa and get yourself pampered with a massage, it will change your mood!

Do not be carried away by what others want

You’ll probably hear comments and opinions about what others want for your wedding, which can be very stressful. Remember that this wedding is about you and your tastes, so do something authentic that reflects your personality and your wedding will be an absolute success.

Wrap yourself in bliss

Even the best plans, the last-minute surprises may arise. If there is a slip, do not let it affect you: keep a sense of humor and continue. DJ is wrong when playing the first song? Start dancing in the same way and have a laugh with the cooperation of your brand new husband.

Whether it began to rain suddenly at your outdoor wedding? Don’t worry! If you stay relaxed and carefree, your guests will feel like it too.

Apart from unexpected setbacks that get in the way, incredible memories of marrying the love of your life, surrounded by friends and family, will be forgotten.


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