Google and Billboard reveal the most hummed songs to Assistant

Google Assistant

The top 100 list of most hummed songs to Google Assistant includes internet favorites, top charted songs, and some old classics as well.

Google makes it easier to find the song it caught in your head by introducing ‘hum to search’. Google has now collaborated with billboards to reveal the top 100 songs humming to the Google Assistant.

The buzzing feature for searches is available on the Google and Google Assistant application for Android and iOS. You can ask Google “what song” or select the “Search song” button, then buoy or sing a song. You can even whistle songs if it’s suitable for you. Google said that the assistant was able to search more than 500,000 songs through hum to search. It shows the closest songs related to the tone you hear or sing.

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The top-leading song to Google Assistant is Old Town Road by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus which is also the song used for this feature’s advertisement. The second most hummed song is Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, followed by Tones And I’s Dance Monkey. The list continues with I Hope by Gabby Barrett, Believer by Imagine Dragons, and Machine Gun Kelly’s Swing Life Away.

Lewis Capaldi’s before you go take the seventh place with $tunt’s that utilizes the pain that takes the eighth place. Then there is a bang! By AJR and Kendrick Lamar’s singing about me, I was dying with a thirst for the ninth and tenth spots. Old classics like Pink Flyod’s High Hopes and Queen’s We Will Rock You also made it to the list. Then there are the TikTok favorites like Savage Love, Therefore I Am, Bad Guy, and WAP which also ranked in the top 30 list.

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