Google brings desktop Search remodel to music queries

Google update

With this addition, it looks like Google tries to enter as much information as possible in one scroll. Some songs even have different options such as “other recordings” and “analysis” that allow users to save time in typing and search more and instead click and reach the desired page quickly.
Google recently updated its search section on Android, iOS and mobile, allowing users to easily read the results. But it looks like the desktop version also gets revamp now, especially when it comes to music-based searches. As seen by 9to5 Google, redesigning now includes the left navigation drawer. When searching for music albums, you will see the cover art appear on the upper left side followed by an option like an overview, listening, video, and listening. There is also a sharing button below it.

In addition, Google search results indicate the remaining information on the two main major columns of information such as what is usually done for other results. In the screenshot shared by the news site, you can see the ‘listening’ card with different applications listed on the right side while the main search results area shows the description of Wikipedia from the band.

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It has been mentioned that this feature has been tested for some time and has now been launched into a wider audience. However, it has not reached everyone, and another topic except for music not covered in this regard.

A few days ago, Google added a new menu icon in the mobile search version that users can choose to find out more about the website. The new menu icon will be an icon three times it looks right next to the article title. Users can knock on the icon and a pull-up card with more information about the website will appear. The “About this result” card will provide a brief description of the website and also if you use a secure HTTPS connection. Google also adds the provision below mentioning that the article is the search result and not advertising.

This is the first rolling in the US, and in English. It will be accessible on the desktop, cellphone, and Google application on Android. Google has not determined when plans to roll this to more countries.

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