Google Pixel 4a review: Our favorite Android phone of 2020

Google Pixel 4a review

The Pixel 4a is the student who has been ranking first since middle school. It’s not the most interesting student around nor the most adventurous. It just quietly gets the work done, like it is supposed to.
Brand: Google

Product: Pixel 4a

Key specs: 5.81-inch Full HD+ OLED screen, 12.2MP primary shooter, 8MP selfie camera, Snapdragon 730G, 128GB ROM/6GB RAM, 3140 mAh battery,

Price: ₹31,999 (on Flipkart right now)

There is always a lot of riding on Google Pixel 4A, considering that Pixel 4 has never made it to India. Google must get a lot of things for Pixel 4a to work, especially pricing.

There were times when I chose Oneplus 3T on the pixel because I was unable to pay ₹ 50,000 plus for the phone. At that time, I had a rally behind the pixel on the iPhone because of the extraordinary Google photo capabilities.

Come on 2020, it’s still standing, even though ₹ 20,000 is cheaper.

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For all that Google needs to go directly with the 4A pixels, it happens. It’s like Google runs with a class topper. Pixel 4A is a student who has been ranked first since high school. This is not the most interesting student around or the bravest, the 4A pixels will not jump out of the annual book or selected as “most likely successful”. It just calmly finishes the job, as it should be.

Without mincing words, pixels have been known as images they can click. We at that time in the evolution of smartphone technology where most brands raced each other to accumulate more sensors on the camera module on the back. Pixel 4a only has one, one 12.2MP sensor (for selfies there is 8MP in a very neat punch hole) – and it’s really all you need.

I moved to Pixel 4A from Pixel 3A, the device I used as my main driver for a long time and then made it my main driver for photos when I shifted to the apple side earlier this year.

On paper, this 12.2MP sensor is not there to be written at home. Think about 108MP sensors on some of the superior today! But Google does what is done with the ability of exceptional software. Think you, all flexes are for pictures and not videos. In front of the video, Google still has enough paths to cross.

Whether you are out of traveling or at a party at night, the camera on the pixel 4A has you covered. The pictures are bright, they are colorful without being too cumper, more suitable for life, and it is a point-and-shoot as it can be obtained. Click and send, you really don’t need to do more.

However, the camera on pixels 4a feels slow when compared to other superior devices. There are two reasons for this. One, other flagships do not have a picture processor that Google does on pixels 4a and two, it uses the Snapdragon 730G SOC. There is a faster cellular chipset used on the device now.

However, it’s nothing that will keep you awake at night. With the type of image it produces, even in low light, you can’t have anything to complain.

However, as an era device, you will feel slower. And pixels 4a have been slower than their colleagues outside the box. At that time, you will be tempted to update, but defective cameras will make you think twice about changing fast pixels.

You just spend ₹ 30,000 on the device and you might be able to do it again next year – and you might just need it because everything becomes slow. Oneplus / Samsung or Apple may be a better investment if you want your device to last longer.
The fact that most people interested in buying Pixel 4a were abandoned because they were sold out in a few minutes after-sale said a lot about this smartphone. Also, many people who want to buy this are still complaining about can’t get it online, or even offline in this case. This is something you need to find out, and pandemics can no longer be a reason – see all the other brands!

I would recommend Pixel 4A in an instant, in fact, as headlines – this is my favorite Android device in 2020. It is an honest smartphone to God who will make you go with the camera. This is not the most interesting Android device ever seen in 2020, but it really doesn’t matter, interesting things also have a short remnant shelf.

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