Google reveals what Indians searched for the most in August


As far as the interest for Independence Day is concerned, Google said that the but this year search interest for Independence Day soared to a new record high. The overall search interest soared to over 3,750%.
Google has shared some interesting insights as to what the Indians are looking for in the month of August. This list includes search Independence Day, Pranab Mukherjee, and Covid-19, among others.

In accordance with the details shared by Google, “Pakistan vs England” is the hottest trend in India during the month of August with a surge of more than 5,000%. This was followed by a search Pranab Mukherjee, who witnessed a surge of more than 4,000%. the tech giant also noted that the Pakistan cricket team is one of the top trending topics for a month, spiking more than 3,400% and ranked second to the Independence Day of India.

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As far as interest is concerned for Independence Day, Google said that the search of flowers but this year’s Independence Day surged to a new record high. Overall search interest soared to more than 3,750%. It was the highest spiking month topic. The previous record peak was in August 2018.

Apart from this, seeking interest in “Lebanon” also soared more than 2,100% in the month while “COVID-19prevention” jumped more than 1,600%.

As far as Covid-19 is concerned, interest search for “Amit Shah coronavirus” soared over 4,100%, while search interest for “Vaccines for the latest corona” jumped more than 150%. Interestingly, the “vaccine” remains the most sought after topics together coronavirus in India in August. In addition, look for “Sputnik” and “vaccine Sputnik” spiked by more than 3,300% and 2,750% respectively during the month. They are on the search trends related to the vaccine.

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