Google rolls four new features to Duo to make Covid-19 lockdown bearable

Google DUO

Google recently increased the group calling limit on Duo from eight participants to 12. In the coming weeks, the company is planning this limit further.
The COVID-19 outbreak has forced governments around the world to enforce the lockdown in an effort to combat the spread of the virus. In the midst of present circumstances when people are unable to meet their friends and family, video calling application has been bringing people together and help stay connected. Now, Google has launched four new features for video calling application, Google Duo, which aims to make it even better interaction.

First, Google added a new codec technology for call Duo aiming to improve the quality of this call. Google uses encryption end-to-end in a call Duo to make them safe. He also uses artificial intelligence to reduce audio interference call. Now the company is deploying a new video codec technology, which it says will “improve the quality of video calls and reliability, even at very low bandwidth connections.”

The second feature that Google released the duo will allow users to click photos during video calls. To understand, if you are celebrating your mom’s birthday call Duo, you will now be able to click pictures as she cut the cake.

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“When you’re on a video call with someone else, starting today you can quickly take a photo together to capture the moment in smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks, and shared automatically with all the people on the call. You will be able to do this on-call group and on more devices soon, “Google wrote in a blog post.

Google has recently increased the limit of groups that call on Duo from eight participants to 12. In the coming weeks, the company’s plans to limit further. The company, however, did not specify the total number of participants that will allow the group video calls in the future.

Recently, Google added a feature that will make it easier for users to preserve their special message. Google allows users to share a message saying “I miss you” or “I’m thinking of you” use the AR effects. During this time, these messages will disappear within 24 hours. But that will change in the next few days.

“And soon, you will have the option to automatically store your messages on Duo instead of having them come to an end after 24 hours, making it easier to preserve a meaningful message you,” added Google.

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