Gyms are opening under Unlock 3, but is it safe to visit them right now? Let’s find out


Sorry for pressing pause on your gym plans, but working out in enclosed public spaces, even if Unlock 3 allows it, is a really bad idea right now.
Calling all nerds gym out there: A few days ago “Unlock 3” was announced, where it has been determined that the gyms will reopen on the fifth of August. If you have already started ordering new workout clothes to train your butt off, then let us stop you here and apologize. Because we have some bad news!

“Hitting the gym right now would not be safe for you”,. Heartbreaking is not it? But let’s face it: the threat COVID-19 still looks great.

Right from entering the gym to get out, you will touch the one-tonne surface. And sanitation themselves from head to toe after each workout frankly boring. But the contaminated surface is not the only risk factor. This is why going to the gym right now is not a good idea:

1. Enclosed indoor spaces can increase your risk of catching the virus
Many studies show that COVID-19 is air. Which means, it is possible that circulates air in your gym. And if you think wearing a mask will protect you, then let us tell you that exercising with a mask on a bad idea.

“You can not wear a mask in the gym because it can make you breathless. And carbon dioxide continuous breathing can make you dizzy, “he suggested.

is it safe to go to a gym after covid-19

2. No air-conditioning mean suffocation which might lead to nausea

Dr Chafle and researcher at the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China) both believe that the enclosed spaces where there is air conditioning made vulnerable as a premise the same air, which can be loaded with SARS-CoV virus-2, will continue to circulate in a closed room.

So as a precaution many gyms switch off the AC, which may make the situation even more precarious. There is no air conditioning and the lack of proper ventilation in the gym can lead to shortness of breath and you may even faint.

3. It is hard to maintain social distancing in the gym
“You can not control the movements in the gym as the room in most cases are not all that great. People already have a difficult time keeping social distance in the broad places; maintain close distance in space like a gym would be really very hard, “explains Dr. Chafle.

4. Sanitization in a gym is going to be a HUGE problem
There is no way for you to know whether the people who have touched people dumb-bells or machine before you are SARS-CoV-2 positive or not. Clean the entire machine or equipment after use is also not practical. This increases the risk of a contraction in the gym really high.

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