Best Ways Your Teeth Are Being Eroded By Acid

There are many ways your teeth can wear out. When your teeth are tired from acid, dentists call them 'erosion'. When acid enters the mouth, it reacts with the calcium in tooth...
How happy couples resolve issues

Do you know how happy couples resolve issues?

While intimacy, recreation, household, health, communication, and money is the most serious for older couples, couples in both samples jealous rank, religion and family as the most serious. While all couples tend to fight issues...
Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can be severely harmful for you

In the Journal of Lipid Research, researchers at Pennsylvania State University reported that only a few days of sleep deprivation can make people feel less full after eating and metabolism of fat in different...
red meat

Is red meat good or bad for you? Food advice questioned anew

A team of international researchers recently rattled the nutrition world by saying there isn’t enough evidence to tell people to cut back on red or processed meat. Likewise, red meat is good or bad for...

Your Stress hormone controls your body clock 24/7

Our internal clock is controlled by some of the descendants of very different genres, known as clock genes. These genes are highly active in what is called the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the brain. Stress hormones,...