Happy Diwali 2020: How to keep yourself safe during Diwali in COVID times

Covid safety diwali

Diwali 2020 is around the corner but due to the ongoing pandemic, the celebrations are going to be different this time. Follow these guidelines on what extra precautions to take in order to keep yourself safe during the festival.

Diwali 2020 is here yet the worldwide pandemic of the novel coronavirus has stifled the vibe and energy of the celebration. Be that as it may, don’t stress, keep your energies flawless as you can even now have loads of fun by following a couple of rules. To guarantee the well-being and security of the individual’s government have given a few guidelines and guidelines on the most proficient method to praise celebrations this year.

Covid safety 2020 diwali

Mostly, enormous social occasions and functions have been dropped and the specialists are proposing to remain inside and observe exacting standards of wellbeing. Hence, we are here with a couple of tips on the best way to have safe Diwali festivities this year remembering the physical separating and cleanliness in the midst of the COVID-19 episode.

Don’t use sanitizer before lighting Diya/Candles

Cease from utilizing hand sanitizers which are liquor based prior to lighting diyas, candles or any such thing. This is on the grounds that sanitizers are inflammable and can cause fire risks. It is suggested by the specialists that you wash your hands with cleanser and water prior to doing anything which includes lighting a fire.

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Keep sanitizer away from fire

Sanitizer Bottles are basic in the family unit and individuals keep it helpful because of averting the germs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Be that as it may since greatest sanitizers are liquor based, they can without much of a stretch burst into flames. In this manner, keep your sanitizer bottles on a protected spot.

Keep water helpful

Rather than conveying sanitizers wherever you can consider conveying water and paper cleanser rather. Since they are more secure and you can undoubtedly wash your hands anyplace without the risk of bursting into flames.

Maintain physical distancing

Indeed, we realize Festivity is about harmony and reinforcing bonds. This bubbly season, attempt to acclimate to the new type and try not to meet individuals truly. It is suggested that you observe Diwali this year staying inside generally. Nonetheless, in the event that you are meeting somebody, crease your hands in namaste or welcome in any other path without physical contact.

Don’t forget your mask

It is critical to be mindful and avoid potential risks. Coronavirus pandemic this year has utilized veil fundamentals. Accordingly, every time you venture out, remember to cover your nose and mouth to spare yourself from getting tainted.

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