How to Update Old Blog Posts for SEO in 2020

update old SEO blogs posts

Updating your blog posts will be good for SEO. One that is important to the Google algorithm is freshness when ranking the results, so update your old blog posts and publishing them online rankings will improve your driving increased traffic to older posts. Creating a better user experience will be the key when you are using content to generate more leads. There were some respondents who reported that more than 90% of the leads come mostly from the content of the “old”: Lastly, update your old blog posts will be good as the content creator. Thus, updating your old blog posts will encourage some of the major benefits: an upgrade, a better user experience, as well as improved results with little effort.

Why is this important for updating your old blog posts for SEO?

Relevance is an important factor that will determine this blog post’s SEO ranks and relevance, is generally determined by the date of this post was published, useful content, and if it is updated. So, if you’ve got any older posts that do well, you must make sure that you keep it relevant with updates issued, and traffic & Authority had a very high page. updated post, previously successful blog can generally rank higher in the search of a new post, because you’re building off a successful post authorities have accumulated.

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Update your content tells Google algorithm is a better resource and will increase traffic on the blog posting 70%, depending on certain things.

This blog has a solid Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a score that predicts how well pages can rank in the search engine’s web pages. Anything around 40 to 50 will be considered as average, while anything over 60 is observed as very good.

Blog channels steady traffic

What counts “steady” will differ between the industry or how much traffic that matters to you. Let us take a reference, an average blog gets 130 page views per day, and 4,000 page views per month. We knew that our blog had hit a steady traffic amount when we have got 400 – 500 views per day from the organic search.

This blog has got an evergreen topic

Here green refers to something that has got value and sustainable and not dependent on the timeliness. For example, “How can you improve your SEO” is an evergreen topic, while “Last month was updated Google” is not. Suppose your blog to struggle a lot to do three things, you should focus more on achieving that goal before attempting to update or publish blog posts.

Adding internal links

As you have published a post, maybe you have published several other posts, which are related to the topic. Now, you can add some more internal links to new posts, and suggested reading for an end to the post, or link up older posts in the series. Here your goal is to keep your visitors on the website, read many other articles. So, any other content readers will find useful in your website, link them here.

Update multimedia and images

It is a good idea to update the multimedia, not just the content. You may need to update and post pictures according to the standard features of the new social media, which is more consistent with current branding, or to give it a refresh and keep it interesting for the reader. You can choose to add a new multimedia, such as creating info graphics and videos by posting information to attract new audiences.

Review call to action

Do you have any blog posts obsolete CTA? Perhaps you have removed the comments from the blog, but have got the post end up asking for readers to leave their comments. Or you want to add a new CTA to reflect the new blogging goals, such as building an email list. Make sure that you use the appropriate CTA and is compatible with the purpose of blogging today.

Republish your post

When your post gets updated, you may select to change its date as well as republish it, thus your readers can be quite sure to see the updated version. You might have to add the quick note on the top so that you do not confuse the long-time readers who recognize this post. For re-publishing the post, enter the post screen from the dashboard. In a Publish box on a right, click on Edit under the date. You may change this to the current date & hit “Update” for republishing your post to the first page.

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