Monsoon: August records 24% excess rain in India, highest since 1983

excess rain in India

Several parts of India, particularly central and some parts of western India including Gujarat and Rajasthan, recorded excess rain during the first three weeks of August.

This August the highest recorded rainfall 24% excess-for the first time since 1983, when 24% excess rainfall was recorded. In 1926, 33% of excess rainfall recorded in August.

Some parts of India, especially the central and western parts of India including Gujarat and Rajasthan, the excess rainfall recorded during the first three weeks of August. Week ending 12 Agust saw a 13% excess, week ending 19 Agust saw 42% excess, and the week ending 26 Agust saw 41% excess rainfall. IMD, the weekly weather update Friday, saying there would be above average rainfall at least until September 3. The rainfall could diminish thereafter because there is no low-pressure area is likely to form over the Bay of Bengal until about September 10 Five low-pressure areas has formed in August, bringing heavy rain and spacious for eastern, central and western India. a low-pressure area is a system main bearing rain during the rainy season. In the week ending August 26th, for example, Hairamgarh in central India recorded 23 cm; Jodia in Gujarat recorded 34 cm; Bhungra in Rajasthan recorded 36 cm, all in the category of very heavy rain (more than 20 cm).

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There is a well-marked low-pressure area over north Chhattisgarh and the adjoining east Madhya Pradesh. It is very likely to move west-north-westwards across north Madhya Pradesh and south Uttar Pradesh during the next two days and weaken gradually, IMD said in its Friday morning bulletin.

The western end of the monsoon through (low-pressure line) near normal position (Ganganagar to the Bay of Bengal) and the east end of the south to the normal position. The west end is likely to remain in its normal position during the next two days and shifts north to the Himalayan foothills thereafter for the next four or five days. “The convergence of the lower level south-west wind strong from the Arabian Sea and the east wind from the Bay of Bengal is very likely over plains of Northwest India over the next 2-3 days,” the bulletin reads.

Due to favorable conditions, very heavy rain is likely over Vidarbha and Chhattisgarh on August 28; over west Madhya Pradesh at 28 and 29; More Gujarat and Konkan and Goa on August 29 spacious and very heavy rain are very likely over east Madhya Pradesh on August 28 rain spacious and weight also tend to be more of India including Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi on August 28 and 29, the bulletin read , IMD scientists warn landslides and floods in the central part of India as land already saturated there.

Overall the rainy season is 8% excess of the 23% excess rainfall over the southern peninsula; 16% of the excess of central India; 12% shortfall over the Indian ocean and a 4% difference over east and northeast India.

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