Boring Monday? Here are 9 ways to motivate yourself and get ready for a brand new week

Motivation for Monday

Even though you can’t do anything about Monday, you can deal with Monday Blues better with the help of nine ways.
Weekends fly faster than we think, and in a short time, we return to Monday, start a new week again! Monday can be terrible because of a number of factors such as lack of rest, excessive work, or only people at work.

Is the thought of waking up and working makes you uncomfortable? Does it trigger stress feelings and extraordinary anxiety? Or do you often feel too slow and lacking motivation? If you say yes to most of these questions, then you must have suffered from Monday blues. And if this is the problem, here there are nine things that will make you sail through this in a better way.

1. Make a list of good things
Before starting from Sunday, register at least three to four things that you like for the coming week. This might put you in a more positive mood.

2. Don’t work on weekends
Make sure that when you connect from work, you do it completely. Stop checking e-mail or anything related to working for weekends, try and drag work and life limit.

3. Take restful sleep
Even though you might be tempted to stay up late and watch a series or party with your friends, you also have to make sure that you are resting well and enough to sleep for the weekend. Wake up feeling well can adjust the mood properly.

4. Have a plan after work
Don’t make your work for the rest of your life, have a plan after work. This can be as simple as pursuing books or films. This will keep you motivated and will give you something to be anticipated.

5. Make someone else’s day
If you feel all the blues Monday, try doing something for someone else. Show someone’s gesture of goodness, and their smile in return will be enough for you to stay positive and motivate all day.

6. Pamper yourself
Remind yourself not too hard on yourself, even when the work pressure is real. Take the right time for yourself and your family. Treat yourself, even if it’s only a skincare session or a coffee date with a friend. Consider Monday as a celebration, and it will be much easier to sail through it.

7. Write your worries
Just like how to make a list of good things put you in a positive mood, write down things that are worried you can help you release stress, and help you be calm and productive.

8. Don’t miss your training routine
Even if you feel lazy and slow, don’t pass your practice. A good training session can set the tone throughout the day. Hormones released during exercise can have a very positive impact on your body, but also your mind and mood!

9. Keep your light list
We understand that this is the first day of the week and you want to start with a very productive note, but weighing ourselves with work will be more dangerous than goodness. So, start slow, keep the task list for Monday, and don’t push your limits unnecessarily.

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