‘Now is not the time’, Activision delays next seasons of Call of Duty Mobile, Warzone, and Warfare

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Mobile, Warzone, and Warfare were supposed to receive the next season update later this week. This, however, has been postponed.

Activision on Tuesday said that it was delaying the release of next season’s popular games, Call of Duty Modern Warfare. It also put off the new season for Call of Duty Mobile and Warzone. CoD dev team said that the decision was made after ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd.

“While we look forward to the new season playing Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Call of Duty Mobile, now is not the time. We move the launch of Season 4 Modern Warfare and CallofDuty: Mobile Season 7 until a later date. Now it’s time for those who talk of equality, justice, and changes must be seen and heard. We stand beside you, “said the dev team in a tweet.

According to reports, all three games are set to start the new season this weekend. Call of Duty team also began posting teaser for next season in a promo in-app.

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— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) June 2, 2020

Modern Warfare and Warzone were reportedly going to have new characters in the season. CallofDuty Mobile is rumoured to add a new map for the battle royale players.

That said, Activision is not the only company to delay new announcements in solidarity with the protestors. Google recently announced that it had postponed the virtual event for the launch of Android 11 beta, originally scheduled for June 3. The company said that “now is not the time to celebrate”, referring to the Covid-19 pandemic and protests over Floyd’s death.

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