Praful Parekh or Ram Prasad Sharma: Whose ‘Main Hoon Na’ is more assuring?

Main hoon na

Whose side are you on?
If you’re a regular social media user there’s a high possibility that at least once you have come across posts that ask you to choose between two relatable situations or famous movies, films or characters. A similar post was tweeted on YouTube India’s official Twitter profile and now it has prompted people to share various reactions.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, the video-sharing platform posted an image which shows two characters, one from a popular show and another from a famous movie, and asked a simple question. One character is Ram Prasad Sharma from the film Main Hoon Na played by Shah Rukh Khan and the other character is Praful Parekh from the popular TV series Khichdi played by Rajeev Mehta. What’s interesting is that there’s a common point between these two. Wondering what? Both characters are remembered for the same punchline, “main hoon na.”

“Which Main Hoon Na is more assuring gais?”, with this caption YouTube India shared the image.

Since being shared, the post has prompted people to come up with their answers. While some showcased their support for the film, others were more inclined to select the dialogue from the show.

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“Ok I love SRK but here… I am with Praful. Started missing that Praful-Hansa chemistry,” wrote a Twitter user. “Praful Parekh any day!” commented another.

Here’s how others reacted:

Whose side are you on?


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