PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update rolls out today with Mad Miramar, P90 weapon, and more

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PUBG Mobile’s latest update is going live today with new additions to Miramar map, new weapons, improvements, and more.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update rolling today’s global players. The new update packs a ton of features including Mad Miramar, more weapons, improvements,, and bug fixes.

Mobile PUBG new updates can be downloaded from Google Play for Android users and the App Store for iOS. The highlight of this update is Mad Miramar who brings a new addition to the map Miramar. There is an oasis located in the northern part of the map, and ‘Urban Ruins’ is now to be found in the northwest corner. Mad Miramar also brings a new racetrack that runs through the entire map.

There is also a Gold Mirado new vehicles that will be available for only one seed. Map Miramar also gets a new vending machine, the effects of sandstorms, new achievements, and awards.

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As confirmed previously, PUBG P90 Mobile 0.18.0 brings new weapon has been added to the ‘Arena’. Fire 9mm rounds and has a magazine capacity of 50 rounds. ‘Classic Mode’ gets a new annex ‘skewed vision that is compatible with most of the assault rifles, light machine guns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, and several rifles. It also gets a new mode ‘Adventure Forest’ which can be inserted at random while looking for a match in Sanhok.

The results screen has also been improved with a new detailed results section. Here, players can find all the details of each of the weapons they use in the game. Players can also check out game statistics and compare their stats with others on the same level.

PUBG Mobile will soon hold a new mode ‘EvoGround’ called ‘Bluehole Erangel Mode. The Royale Pass Season 13, will be available on May 13, you can find the full 0.18.0 patch notes here.

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