Samebike XWXL09 Smart Folding Electric Bike


Under the ‘Mid-Year Sale’ campaign, the Samebike XWXL09 foldable electric bike is available for purchase on Gearbest. Studded with incredibly astonishing features and captivating chassis design, the bike is perfectly suitable to travel mid-range distances.

Samebike is a reputed Chinese brand in the electric scooter industry. It owns a handsome collection of smart vehicles and the latest addition has no exception as well. It is made of 6061 aviation-grade aluminum material to bear the maximum capacity of up to 180KG.

In other qualities, the Samebike XWXL09 bike houses 500W motor, 10Ah battery, ED titanium fat tires, LCD instrument, and dual-disc braking system, etc. Let’s proceed to discover more.

Features and Specifications

Design and Build

Samebike XWXL09 smart bike Samebike XWXL09 Smart Folding Electric Bike

Like previous developments, Samebike’s latest XWXL09 electric vehicle also offers a stunning outlook. It utilizes the aviation-level 6061 aluminum alloy to assemble the frame. The foldable design achieves lots of comfort with an adjustable handle and cushions to fit everyone.

Furthermore, the vehicle’s handlebar puts the display in the middle alongside the thumb-shifter, power-off brakes, and some other useful buttons. The front has an LED light for night riding, while the lower side hosts 20” inflatable rubber tires. The smart electric vehicle measures 176x128cm and 102x80cm in the unfolded and folded state. Two-color options are Grey and Black.


The Samebike XWXL09 electric scooter consists of a powerful 500W brushless motor that rotates like a cyclone. It can obtain a maximum speed of 35 km/h and climb the 35-degree slope.

Four Riding Modes

Well, riders are free to switch between four riding modes during the journey. They can run the vehicle in Pure Electric Mode, PAS Mode, Manpower Riding Mode, and Pushing Mode.


To manage power needs, the bike contains a 480W-rated power battery with 10Ah capacity. It allows you to operate the bike at 35-45km in Pure Electric Mode and 80-90KM in Moped Mode. It is a removable pack with 4-6 hours of charging time.


To offer a great deal of traveling, the Samebike XWXL09 smart bike comes with a set of 20” CTS wear-resistant and shockproof fat tires. The grip is strong to give you a hassle-free journey time on all types of roads.

Braking System

Samebike also cares about the safety of clients and integrates the dual-disc braking system with the copper-made mechanical disc. Further, it also provides a Shimano 7-level complete transmission system for a 7-speed approach to adjust as per traffic.

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