Swap your Vitamin C serum with Vitamin C powder for your Skin

Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can brighten the skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and slow down wrinkles. But, does vitamin C work best as a remedy or powder for the skin?

We are at a point in the history of skincare where we are experimenting with different ingredients and formulations. In recent years treatments have become popular because of their ability to deal with a variety of skin problems, from acne to thin lines. From the available options, the use of vitamin C seems to be best for all those who are interested in skincare.

Most medications used just before moisturizing contain special ingredients that help you solve certain problems, but vitamin C treatments are a cure for many dermal problems and have a number of benefits such as:

  • Natural Glow to your Skin,
  • ShakeUp your Skin, make it look younger
  • Reduce the appearance of dark circles due to complexion
  • Skin color even plays an important role in the complexion
  • Protect you against skin damage due to the presence of antioxidants

Is not it? Well, there’s a catch here.

We need to bring you back to chemistry class to explain the problem of vitamin C serum. See, vitamin C is magical for the skin, but the thing is that it is an unstable molecule. This means that after exposure to heat, light, or air, vitamin C is degraded and inhaled. Once oxidized, it is no longer effective.
Now that we buy vitamin C serum, we do not know the storage conditions. In addition, it can be quite difficult to protect against abundant external factors, even at home. If you think about it, there is light and air practically everywhere!
So what is the solution when using vitamin C for the skin?

Replace your Vitamin C Serum and powder!

Vitamin C powder is more stable compared to serum. L-ascorbic acid, a natural source of vitamin C, is much more stable as a powder. It’s not a serum, but this type of vitamin C powder has:

  • longer shelf life
  • better stability

This means you can make a longer pack and not have to worry about its side effects.
The best way to use vitamin C powder is that you can add it to your skincare products in a variety of ways to suit your skin needs. You can:

  • Add to your weekly mask
  • mix with a moisturizer
  • put it in a lightener that you have already used.
  • To mix with your Lipbalm

There are multiple ways of attaining all the goodness vitamin C has to offer, but here’s what you must keep in mind:

  • Use distilled water only when you grind the powder.
  • You only need a little vitamin C powder to nourish your skin. As for the numbers, you should not exceed a concentration of 5 to 20 percent. There is an effective way to use it – combine a small spoon with a small spoon of drinking water. You can add four to five drops of vitamin E which is considered to make it more stable.
  • Remember that vitamin C is completely dissolved in the products you use.
  • The pH level is around 3.5 and should be checked using a pH tube. Any change in this number will cause skin irritation.
  • UNo more than one week of using a mixture containing vitamin C. We have already talked about it being an unstable molecule and rapidly losing its viability. For example, you can mix vitamin C with a lotion before applying it, instead of adding it to the entire bottle.

So ladies, choose vitamin C powder instead of serum, buy next time!

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