Technology Update- Instagram Stories on desktop get a new layout

Instagram stories

Instagram Stories have a better viewing interface now on its desktop version.
Instagram began testing a new layout for the story on the desktop version earlier this month. Now it has released a new update giving a new Instagram look story on the desktop.

The new layout for Instagram stories on the desktop is available for all users now, according to The Verge. Now it is seen by us and in the story of the new layout open to a larger interface on the desktop. You can tap one Instagram story to launch a new layout. To see the next story from the same account, you can tap the next button and earlier. To skip to the next story, just tap on the account profile picture you want to see. You can also close the story screen, and return to check the bait.

Instagram shows five Stories at once on the desktop. As you keep going ahead the carousel will change with the next accounts that follow. The new update for Instagram on the desktop is a small one but it gives users more control over viewing Stories. Instagram’s desktop version also lets users mute, reply, and report Stories.

Instagram on the desktop so far more than the platform just watching. Everything takes place in the Instagram mobile application. Instagram has added new features to the desktop but post stories and photos or videos is still limited to its mobile application. It has the last possible users to reply to DMS, while the ability to like and comment on posts has been there. Instagram on the desktop also allows you to search for accounts, and follow.

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