This iPhone 12 Flip video is what we hope foldable iPhone would look like

iPhone 12 Flip video

Apple is tipped to launch four new iPhone models this fall. However, none of those iPhone models are expected to get a foldable display.
Apple, a long time, has been said to be working on iPhone folded. Many patent applications in the past have indicated to the company designing the iPhone screen is folded. Now, a graphic designer who goes by the name iOS Beta News has created the ‘iPhone 12 Flip’ concept that the elements of design using the iPhone 12 expected to visualize how the folded iPhone will look like.

Video screens folded iPhone-shared concept of the iPhone YouTube channel show ‘iPhone 12 Behind the’ sports-screen full-screen with a blow-hole camera is placed at the top-center of the screen. It has a hidden earpiece at the top of a very thin bezel of the phone. It has two microphones at the bottom of the phone, the volume keys on the left side, and the start button on the right side.

This phone has a flat-screen curved edge along with the back frosted-glass and metallic edge. iPhone 12 fold has a color screen outdoor screen placed second in the second half of the phone. The first half of the back has a rear camera setup three along with an LED flash that is placed in the Pro Max-like square iPhone camera module 11.

Overall, the iPhone 12 Flip looks like a foldable display variant of what reports so far have purported the iPhone 12 to be. That said, it is highly unlikely that Apple will launch a foldable display iPhone this year. Apple is said to be launching four new iPhone 12 models this year. While one will come with a 5.8-inch display, there will be two models with a 6.1-inch display. The company will also launch a premium version iPhone 12 model that will sport a 6.7-inch display. None of these iPhone models are tipped to get a foldable display yet. But we will keep an eye out for details.

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