Tinder India reveals the top 10 trends of 2020

Tinder India reveals the top 10 trends of 2020

Here’s what trended among Tinder users in India this year.
Tinder’s Year In Swipe report for 2020 is here. Gen Z, Tinder’s most popular crowd in India talked about games, memes, local businesses and supporting causes as well.

The following looks at the top ten trends at Tinder this year among Indian users from data collected between January and November 15, 2020.

Just as locking starts from March, ‘quarantine and chill’ into a popular theme with pick-up lines like “Come on like Covid and capture each other” and “wash your hands so you can hold my property.” Menton Mask also rose 2.5x in April and said Emoji mask rose almost 5x the same month since the beginning of the pandemic. Speaking of emojis, the most popular is emoji shrugs used to show future uncertainty and whether they will be able to meet or not.

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For a better visual understanding, these were the top trending emojis in India.

top trending emojis in India

Cardi B’s WAP released in August, and it quickly became the number one anthem on Twitter. WAP dances were popular throughout TikTok and Instagram, and on Tinder too. More popular trends that reflected on Tinder too were ‘Bored in the House, ‘Dalgona Coffee’, and ‘Banana Bread’.

Tinder User also continued their support for the global cause of this year by mentioning the multiple-doubled climate change from 2019. Last year, the environment was one of the top trends in Tinder BIOS.

Prateek Kuhad’s Kasoor is one of the popular songs mentioned in Tinder BIOS this year. Gaming is also one of the popular trends this year with the favorite-favorite game ‘Ludo’ which is often mentioned in dating applications. ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ also produces mention on Tinder BIOS this year. Another popular social media trend that makes it Tinder is the Rasode playing Kaun Tha?

Tinder has a good year with most people living at home and looks for virtual ways to connect with others. In his Q3 income report, Tinder said it would add around 400,000 new customers, and direct sales rose 15% year-to-year. Swiping also rose into a digit twice compared to February this year.

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