WhatsApp group features every user should know

WhatsApp group features

WhatsApp group comes with features such as group admin dismissal, group video calls and also privacy features to escape these groups.

WhatsApp group can be annoying but it’s one of the most popular features in instant messaging applications. WhatsApp feature is not limited to just one-on-one conversations, but also for a chat group. In recent months, WhatsApp has introduced new features to make chatting more interactive group.

These features are available to all users on Android and iOS. WhatsApp has made it easier to prevent people from adding you to the group while administrators are given more control. Here is a list of WhatsApp features of each group of users should know.

Group admin dismissal

WhatsApp group can have multiple administrators. Every admin also has the power to revoke other admin. It can be found under the settings menu to which the group admin can delete other members from their positions.

Group video calls

WhatsApp adds a shortcut for users to easily make group calls. This group call icon visible in the upper right corner of the chat. Once the user presses they can elect their members wanted to include in the call. WhatsApp allows up to four members to a group video call.

Group invitation

While a pleasant chat groups, they can be very irritating. WhatsApp group’s invitation features take care of this. Users can prevent others from adding them to groups WhatsApp. This can be done by changing the privacy settings for groups to ‘no’, ‘everyone’ or ‘contact me’. Users who choose nobody will be sent an invitation to join a group of WhatsApp.

More control for group admins

Admin group has control over revoking this status than others. WhatsApp admin group can choose to decide whether the message will be sent to all participants or just the admin group. They can also decide whether any or all of the admin group participants can change the group description.


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