WhatsApp this week: More on the privacy row

whatsapp privacy

We also got to know about a bunch of new features that will be available on WhatsApp soon.

In 2021 it began with a bitter record. The problem starts when Facebook’s WhatsApp starts showing notifications in the application to its users for an updated and demanding privacy policy of receiving the requirements or risk of losing access to their accounts.

Not long after the company began to show this notification that privacy experts all around the globe dug deep into the changes that the company was making to its Terms of Service and its privacy policy and started questioning the company about them.

In the past few weeks, we have seen the news about WhatsApp dominated by questions raised by learning material experts and the government. This week, we see more than that. In addition, we also have to know about many new features that the company is working on.

So this is what happened at WhatsApp this week:

The new animated sticker package: WhatsApp this week released a new animated sticker package at its application. The sticker package called Sumikkogurashi weighted 2.4MB is available for download in iOS and Android applications.

Sticker Shortcut: WhatsApp, according to a report by WABetaInfo, works on a feature called sticker shortcut. This feature will display different icons or stickers every time you enter emojis or the word in the chat bar. The company will present all the results on expanding the keyboard. This feature is still in the development phase and it isn’t available even to the beta users yet.

Video/voice calls on WhatsApp web: It’s been a long time known that WhatsApp is working on the addition of support to make voice and video calls on WhatsApp Web. Now, some WhatsApp web users have started receiving this feature in beta mode which shows that this feature is closer to the launch.

Indian Parliamentary Questions WhatsApp for Privacy Policy: Members of the Parliament Panel in India have raised concerns about the proposed change in the WhatsApp Privacy Policy. Parliamentary panels say that changes are not conducive to Indian users.

WhatsApp responded to the concern of the Indian government for its new privacy policy: Responding to the demand for India Government to withdraw its privacy policy, WhatsApp said that it worked to overcome all the wrong information and remain open to answer all questions.

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