WhatsApp to stop working on these Android and iOS phones in 2021

whatsapp stop

WhatsApp will reportedly end support for older iPhones and Android devices early next year.
WhatsApp ends support for old devices every year. This includes a smartphone that runs the Android and iOS version. This time, whatsapp will be reportedly ending support for iPhone and Android phones in 2021.

WhatsApp currently supports smartphones running Android 4.3 or more, and iOS 9 or more. According to a report by News18, WhatsApp will retire the Android and iOS version. This means that the cellphone runs Android 4.3 or below, and iOS 9 or below will no longer support whatsapp. The official announcement of WhatsApp has not been released.

Earlier this year in February, WhatsApp supports support for mobile phones running Android version 2.3.7 and older, and iOS 8 and older. The same thing is expected to take place at the beginning of 2021 with WhatsApp delete one more Android and iOS version of its support.

Android 4.3 is quite old, and dates back to 2012 when it was launched. Apple released iOS 9 back in 2015. The latest version of the operating system is Android 11 and iOS 14. User groups on the Android version and the old iOS will most likely be small but still will affect the number of users. Also given the fact that WhatsApp is the most popular message application globally.

WhatsApp hasn’t announced if it will end support for this Android and iPhone device. But it would be the right time to check whether you still use an old phone that runs on Android 4.3 or iOS 9. You can do this by going to settings> General> about to see the software version on the iPhone. Android users can also check the ‘about the phone’ section under the settings menu.

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