Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Electronic Toothbrush Review

Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Electronic Toothbrush

Today, we are here to examine Xiaomi Oclean X Pro Smart toothbrush in the form of an article text. It is the successor of the previous edition was launched Oclean X, which is also intended to provide a smart way to maintain dental health. Free text in hand will let you know the products through various perspectives such as design, technical specifications, features and much more. So let’s get started.

Oclean is a respected brand under this Xiaomi chain Youpin ecosystem. Xiaomi gives the responsibility for producing smart electronic toothbrush against your teeth and cavities scientific problems. Correspondingly, the company has produced a line of equipment in the wings to help global users with the tools of modern brushing. The Oclean X Pro is beaded forward to expanding its portfolio.

When we came to overviewing Oclean X Pro toothbrush, the electric toothbrush may be the smartest in the world as of now. With a large group of sophisticated algorithms and strong, clean teeth provide the next level of cleaning and ensure effective protection against germs, bacteria and cavities and other gum diseases, etc.

Well, offer a private Pro X Oclean brushing interface with elegant design and advanced engineering. On the screen, you will get to know the score of brushing, brushing time and blind zone reminders, etc. to have overall dental care and fruitful.

Currently, Oclean X Pro electric toothbrush appeared on Xiaomi Youpin and Indiegogo platform. Xiaomi ecosystem magnificent conclude supply chain partners, which produces products under their own brand but still maintaining the same quality policy of the parent company. Among other things, Oclean also worked spectacularly for maintaining dental health by developing feature-rich models every year. Let’s check out the latest presentation Oclean level of intelligence.

Oclean X Pro Review: What it Brings on the Specifications List?

Design and Build

As with previous generations of a smart toothbrush, Oclean X Pro brings the most compact and reliable body of the same. The minimalist design is the ideology of the universe Xiaomi to help users with a superior approach and beautiful.

When it comes to checking boxes, the smart toothbrush itself lying beside a small micro USB charging station, the cable and the brush head. Additionally, this package also includes user instructions both in English and Chinese.

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As the box only provide a single brush head, the buyer can stick to the combination of a multi-pack to get more. Furthermore, they also have the option of simply rearranges the brush head while engaging with the need to replace it. This is not a costly problem at all.

Let us find the physical attributes of the product. The major highlight is the placement of 0.95 “color touchscreen, which is rarely available on the equipment of the past. The whole body is assembled from high profile to produce a matte plastic material. Well, it’s lighter in weight to give you a comfortable grip. Basically, it is a combination of two parts. The lower part is the main body, while the upper part is known as the brush head. You can choose among a large selection of white and navy blue.

In addition, Oclean X smart toothbrush Pro comes with a charger base 2-in-1 and a magnetic holder. In terms of physical size, toothbrushes provide parameters 243.5×24.4 mm along with a weight of 100g. This product is also a certified IPX7 waterproof tag.


Right below the joint, X Pro Oclean electric toothbrush is equipped with a color touch panel 0.95 “TFT. This is the view rectangle with rounded edges on both sides with the physical circular buttons below.

This was interesting visibility of the toothbrush as it provides many useful techniques for better brushing experience. Users will come to know the status of the batteries, brush your score and time, as well as a reminder blind zone through the screen.

Technical features

In terms of smart specs, Xiaomi Oclean X Pro toothbrush incorporates a brushless motor maglev new generation for dental care flagship. It runs at 40,000 RPM speed along with high-vibration pendulum, 42000 strokes per minute and maximum torque 220gf.Cm.

In addition, a toothbrush provides 4 brushing modes – whitening, sensitive, clean and gums. You can select all of them as needed. This product has 20 programs with 32 levels of brush brushing intensity.

In accordance with connectivity, Oclean X Pro install Bluetooth 4.2 to help Oclean application interface. It helps to send data to your phone to avoid incorrect brushing habits.

In addition, AI utilizes sonic pressure-sensitive technology, an inbuilt 6-axis gyroscope, and several other value-added utilities.


The Oclean X Pro toothbrush offers an 800 mAh battery, which is responsible for work about 30 days before being put on the charging dock. Supports multiple charging modes such as a charger base and a magnetic holder.

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